Alarm Systems

Introducing Alarm Systems from Xilant, advanced security and premises for companies who demand the best.

At Xilant Fire and Security, we design the correct Security Systems to suit your needs, all compliant with EN5031- PD6662 - BS5839 quality standards.

We offer an extensive range of panels and devices from only leading industry companies, we don't compromise on your security by offering low cost products. So you can be sure your equipment meets your exact requirements and provides years of reliable performance and protection – for ultimate peace of mind. From hard wired and wireless solutions, through to fully monitored and maintained systems, we can provide the knowledge and insights to specify the very best systems to suit your needs, your premises and your budget.

We supply only products from leading security protection experts such as Orisec. Our products adhere to the EN5031 standard which determines the level of sophistication that is required for the alarm system installed. The higher the risk of crime to your property, the more sophisticated the system you will require and the higher the grade.

There are four intruder alarm grades, which include:

  • Grade 1 – Intruders are unlikely to target the premises.
  • Grade 2 – There’s a higher risk of theft due to valuable property being kept on site.
  • Grade 3 – There is a substantial threat from experienced intruders due to high-value contents.
  • Grade 4 – The property has a very high risk of being targeted by organised criminals.

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Alarm Systems

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