IP Systems

Advanced IP Video Monitoring from Xilant, enterprise-grade security with leading edge technology.

Xilant are proud to supply Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud security cameras. These combine powerful edge-based processing with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing. With Verkada’s hybrid cloud architecture, cameras analyze events in real-time, while simultaneously leveraging Verkada’s industry-leading computer vision technology for instantaneous insights that bring speed and efficiency to incidents and investigations.

From Command, Verakda’s centralized web-based platform, users can find the footage they need in seconds. With features like Motion Detection, People Analytics, and Vehicle Analytics, teams can quickly search across their company to find relevant footage, eliminating the need to scroll through incidents manually.

All cameras have built-in onboard storage, including extended storage options up to 365 days of continuous recordings. Verkada cameras can self-manage, process and safely store footage locally on each device, while cloud-based archiving allows organizations to save and share as much footage as needed.

With an amazing ten year guarantee and the technical expertise of the Xilant to install, configure and support your advanced IP systems, your security will be the very best available.

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IP Systems

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