Choosing a Fire Safety System is a critical business decision which carries the responsibility of protecting your premises, your property and your employees, as well as ensuring you meet your legal obligations and safety requirements. It is not a decision to take lightly as the future of your business may one day depend upon your choices, so get in contact with Xilant Fire & Security to guarantee peace of mind.

Our experience in Fire Systems allows us to offer you specialist fire equipment that protect lives and property, using only high quality products from industry leaders, designed to meet your exact requirements and provide years of reliable performance and protection – for ultimate peace of mind.

Our expertise allows us to tackle any scenario or type of building, from residential homes, to small shops, through to complex office layouts and high-risk sites.

We also offer Risk Assessments and a revolution in Fire Fighting, the FIREXO extinguisher that allows you to extinguish any type of fire with one fire extinguisher!

Training and technical support are provided by our in-house team, and our customer service is nothing short of exceptional so why not put us to the test?

For more detailed information, select one of our product ranges below or call our team today on 0208 159 2012