In 2019/20 there were over 402 thousand burglaries in England and Wales . For a residential property, it is an unwelcome invasion of your privacy that can have lasting repercussions, leaving your loved ones feeling nervous in what should be the safety of their own home. For business owners, the effects can include loss of trade, loss of stock and expensive downtime whilst repairs are carried out.

If you need to protect your property against theft, vandalism or intrusion, Xilant Fire & Security can help. Our security systems can help defend against the external and internal risks that are part of our modern lives. In addition to deterring crime, our solutions give you access to data collection that can aid the police and insurers if your home or business is the victim of a criminal act.

Monitor your property more effectively. At Xilant Fire and Security, we design the correct Security Systems to suit your needs, all compliant with EN5031- PD6662 - BS5839 quality standards.

We offer an extensive range of panels and devices from only leading industry companies, we don't compromise on your security by offering low cost products. So you can be sure your equipment meets your exact requirements and provides years of reliable performance and protection – for ultimate peace of mind.

Training and technical support are provided by our in-house team, and our customer service is nothing short of exceptional so why not put us to the test?

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