Installing a high quality Fire or Security solution is important but also consider the added peace of mind that comes with a fully monitored system from Xilant knowing that somebody will always respond to an alert in your building, quickly and correctly.

As fully experienced installation engineers, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of Fire, Security and Device monitoring products.

Whether using 4G, IP, Broadband or even satellite, we can offer solutions to connect your alarm panel with the outside world, giving you maximum reliability and availability when that critical alert goes off.

Our products offer the flexibility of self monitoring, either through a PC or a smartphone app. Or if combined with our maintenance contract solutions, instant connectivity to the Custodian network taking the burden away from your employees and putting your security firmly in the safe hands of the worlds largest security monitoring experts.

Training and technical support are provided by our in-house team, and our customer service is nothing short of exceptional so why not put us to the test?

For more detailed information, select one of our product ranges below or call our team today on 0208 159 2012